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I am a freelance illustrator with over 9 years experience. I work with publishing houses all over the world as well as self publishers, writers and musicians, specializing in digital media that has analog look and feel.  Most of my work time, I dive into my  silent stories, animations and picture books or visual art for computer games at our Voroh studio.

Currently based in Scotland. Having roots in Russia I draw inspiration from both cultures.

Represented by Advocate Art.

For commissions, custom prints and any other issues feel free to contact me.


2021 - Svidetel Book Shop - exhibition - Tula, Russia (link)
2021 - Berrywater Fest - exhibition - Moscow, Russia (link)
2021 - Hoban Artrium, 'Art in the Color' exhibition - DangJin, Korea (link)
2020 - Hoban Artrium, 'Art in the Color' exhibition - Seul, Korea (link)
2021 - LUSTR Festival - Prague, Czech Republik (link)
2020 - LUSTR Festival - Czech Republik (link)
2018 - Comic Continent Screen Print - Tbilisi, Georgia (link)
2017 - Internationales Bilderbuchfestival 'Comic Continent' - Waldsieversdorf , Germany (link)


2021 - 2nd prize Heart of Europa for the project "Bozena", Poland (link)

2021 - nomination Prix Europa for the project "Bozena", Germany (link)
2018 - L’Associazione Culturale Tapirulan - Italy (link)


2021 - Berrywater Fest - master class - Moscow, Russia (link)
2019 - Tabook - Tabor, Czech Republik (link)
2019 - Draugystės biblioteka - Artist talk, master class - Marijampole, Lithuania (link, link)
2018 - Comic Continent Screen Print - Tbilisi, Georgia (link)
2017 - Internationales Bilderbuchfestival 'Comic Continent' - Waldsieversdorf , Germany (link)


2022 - Audrey - United Kingdom (link)

2021 - Victionary 'Lost in Reverie' - Hong Kong (link)
2021 - Czech Television - Czech Republic (link, link)
2021 - Cesta Domů - Czech Republic (link, link)
2021 - AARGH! 20 - Czech Republic (link)
2020 - AARGH! 20 - Czech Republic (link)
2020 - Hightone Publishing Co., Ltd., Hong Kong, China (link)
2020 - Pelledoca - Italy (link, link)
2020 - First Class - Czech Republic (link)
2019 - Wydawnictwo Sto Stron - Poland (link)
2019 - La Peste, Mexico (PDF)
2019 - Theychangedbook - USA (link)
2019 - L’Associazione Culturale Tapirulan Calendar, Italy (link)
2019 - Pendulum Magazine - Canada (link)
2019 - Apricotbooks - Moscow, Russia (link)
2018 - 1340 ART Magazine - Netherlands
2017 - Penguin Random House - Canada (link)
2016 - Vashi Valentine’s Day Cards, England (link)
2016 - CAIS - Portugal 
2015 - Vashi Christmas Traditions Cards, England (link)


2018 - Clairvoyants children’s book competition - Poland
2018 - Bologna Book Illustration competition - Italy 
2017 - Bologna Book Illustration competition - Italy 

Contact me

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Contact me

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Custom orders


I offer custom illustration services and typically charge 500 USD for a full color, detailed piece. However, please keep in mind that the price may vary based on the complexity of your order and your budget. If you'd like to discuss your project in more detail and potentially negotiate terms, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.


Work process

After you provide me with descriptions of your project, I typically start with sketches to reach mutual understanding and avoid major revisions in the future. When we're agree on the concept, I'll move on to the coloring phase. It’s important for me to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the final result, therefore I don't charge extra for revisions. I also provide source files for free so you can work with them later if needed.


My policy

I appreciate personalized approach to each customer. Every story has a depth that is not visible until you open a book cover and read at least a few lines. As I work, I try to capture what mood and ideas you want to share with the world. My goal is to make your readers and listeners get to the same page with you just by looking at the cover.

Contract and payment

I can provide you with a standard contract to sign, unless you wish to discuss unique terms or provide me with your contract template. I accept payments via Payoneer or directly to my bank account. PayPal will be available soon. Other options are negotiable. 





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