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The book tells the story of the little girl Lemony and her family, which takes place in a snowy cottage in Cech at Christmas time.

The cover and inner illustrations by Marie Muravski.

Lemony Book by Marketa Maar Eder illustrated by Marie Muravski

An unusual, richly illustrated book for children, on the creation of which several dozen artists from around the world worked!

Inner illustration by Marie Muravski


Difficult decisions in an era of medical miracles
The author of the book is a prominent American internist, medical ethicist, university teacher. At the heart of the book is an urgent message: since we are all mortal, it is absolutely essential for us to accept this fact and learn to live with this universal condition.

Cover by Marie Muravski


This book sets out to capture the magic and mystique of dreamscapes from the comforting to the unsettling else in between.

The half cover and part of inner illustrations by Marie Muravski. 


There is talk of witches, curses, a dark past and a looming future. As much as the people of the town play down everything with a simple "these are children's stories" a certain unease begins to make its way to Lunamadre.

Cover by Marie Muravski


The handbook is intended for all who work with seriously ill patients at the end of life, especially doctors, nurses and other members of hospice teams who work in the field. The book can be easily carried with you as a quick guide.

Cover by Marie Muravski


It is an independent and free magazine of literature, illustration and photography. Each number develops a specific theme from the point of view of our different collaborators, both in text and image.

The cover by Marie Muravski.


After each person, not necessarily famous, there is a trace in the cause to which he devoted himself, and in the memory of the people who surrounded him. Human memory is something that somehow unites all the stories of the new collection.

Cover by Marie Muravski


How fast time flies - who doesn't ask themselves that at least once in their life? Ellie is also confronted with this when she visits her dying grandfather Werner. Together they embark on a journey into the great themes of life and death, to understand what was, what is about to end and how time can be understood: so that we never again despair of how quickly it has passed.

Cover by Marie Muravski


50 stories and illustrations celebrating creativity in sports.

Inner illustrations by Marie Muravski. 


This book focuses on the story power of illustration, including interviews with 11 global illustrators, work interpretations for 27 illustrators and 85 illustration stories.

Inner illustrations and interview by Marie Muravski

20200622180052847EA2561CBF6F1C_b (1).jpg

A children's book for adults or to be read aloud about friendship, self-confidence and helpfulness

Cover by Marie Muravski


Two fairy-tale adventure children's stories are written in a modern, fascinating language, and subtle humor coexists in them with serious reflections about love and meanness, about loyalty and cowardice, about how good is often wrapped in unattractive packaging,
and evil - in a gift, elegant and shiny.

The cover and inner illustrations by Marie Muravski.


Ana Wicker’s life turns upside down, when her parents inform her, they intend to divorce. Ana thinks the answer is to run away, but in doing so, she finds herself transported to the strange world of Eperidium.

Cover by Marie Muravski


Strait is the Gate (French: La Porte Étroite) is a 1909 French novel written by André Gide. It probes the complexities and terrors of adolescence and growing up.

Cover and inner illustrations by Marie Muravski


All the heroes of this book series are animals, but they know how to love and hate, lie and tell the truth in the face, trust and despair, betray and save no worse than us, humanoid readers.

Cover and inner illustrations by Marie Muravski. 


 a 1922 novel that deals with the spiritual journey of self-discovery of a man named Siddhartha during the time of the Gautama Buddha.

Cover by Marie Muravski


A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is the first novel of Irish writer James Joyce written in a modernist style, it traces the religious and intellectual awakening of young Stephen Dedalus, Joyce's fictional alter ego, whose surname alludes to Daedalus, Greek mythology's consummate craftsman.

Cover and inner illustrations by Marie Muravski


The Immoralist is a recollection of events that Michel narrates to his three visiting friends. One of those friends solicits job search assistance for Michel by including in a letter to Monsieur D. R., Président du Conseil, a transcript of Michel's first-person account.

Cover by Marie Muravski.


The cruel and bright philosophical parabola "Pastoral Symphony" is dedicated to the theme of the tragedy of innocence in a sinful world and the destruction of this innocence, doomed to suffer forever in the "lost paradise" of blindness and ignorance.

Cover  by Marie Muravski. 

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